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Welcome to a New Ascension Associates

Where We Enable Actionable Strategy that Sustains Revenue, and

Empower High Performing Teams To Balance Profit with Social Impact for Accelerating Organizations

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What We Mean by Sustainable Business Model

We do 2 things with our clients by looking at their culture and operations with our strategy facilitation methods, which they deeply appreciate: 

  • sustainable revenue model - enabling them to approach building their business without the fear of "when's the next buyer gonna come?" 

  • sustainable environmental and social impact - from paying our suppliers on time with reasonable terms, to approach consumption not always in an one-off manner, bearing in mind the long-term impact created from our thinking and action of today 

Enabling Teams

Scale Up Your Business With Right Teams and Culture

We work with you to scale up your business with the culture, team and leaders you need for transitioning into a rapid growth company from starting out; and from rapid growth to a mature organization.

Our clients come from: IT SaaS consulting, luxury retail, financial services and we have supported university and governmental organizations.

Our Happy Clients

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Empowering You

Collected, Composed and Calm

We bring out the most collected, composed and the calmest in you: through 1:1 sessions, group workshop with complimentary resources for selected clients.  

We have empowered working moms from C-suite executives to first time mothers; and men transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Click here for our services, and visit our resilience resources page.

Our Fulfilled Clients

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