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What We Do : Search. Train. Coach. 

Industry Focus: Sustainability. Luxury Retail. Insurance

Our clients benefit from our unique insights drawing from the intersect of our executive search, leadership development and executive coaching.

With these insights we have been accelerating our clients who value our execution agility and intellectual nimbleness to act as an independent and confidential recruitment and learning partner, and realize their intended ROI.


We provide the independent third party perspective, with thorough understanding of confidentiality in our work with you: sustaining your talent and business value proposition through searching, training and coaching.  

What's New?

Introducing 1:1 guided course, public workshops and private learning events on Ascension Circle with our insights articles for subscribers.  

We help our "inner circle" to rethink their careers or business strategy, get to the end goal efficiently and last but not least, networking. 

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