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What We Do

Our management consulting practice focuses on the below, feel free to click on anyone for more elaboration:

Organizational Development

Talent Acquisition Design & Implementation

Sustain Talent Proposition 

Executive Development Program

Talent Upskilling

Coach for Impact

Your Next Great Hire

Your Next Great Move

Search the Talented

Who We Cater To

We cater to C-Suite, as well as senior decision makers in sales, distribution and human capital. We also re-imagine management consulting to facilitate the successful implementation of a highly effective integrated strategy. With a strong focus on financial services, healthcare and technology, our flexible solutions are enabled through:

Seasoned industry


functional practitioners

An agile and

nimble mindset

A combination of

neo-generalists and


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What Is Strategy?

For us, a strategy means having a well-designed and cohesive set of actions, in order to address both current and future business challenges with the ultimate aim of attaining sustainable organizational success.

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Our Philosophy 

Advisory services must be watched with real results. Therefore, at Ascension Associates, we also believe that implementation carries the same weight as management consulting.

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Ascension Associates was first established with a clear purpose in-mind: to accelerate organizations implement business strategy with the right people, whereby we integrate a “deep-dive” approach to help you break through.

How You Can Grow

We believe advisory services must be matched with real results. Our clients work with us as partners, and we manage the projects from day one; with an agreed time-frame and methodology. Ascensioners don't just work on one location, we work with clients around the Asia Pacific region so that we can accelerate you 'see the whole picture' from a pan-Asian perspective. 

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Discover implementable turnkey solutions that get your business where it needs to be in Asia markets.


Achieve more with Ascension Associates. Since our inception, we have worked hard to ensure our clients are delivered real results they can actually feel. Now, we proudly bring our strategic business advisory services to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, so your business can see the difference an expert team of consultants can make.

To conquer the next frontier for your business, you will need a solid corporate strategy to ensure its success. Whether you aim to expand internationally or perfect your domestic presence, our advisory team can give you the guidance you need to make it happen.

With the help of an expert team of industry specialists and fulfilment managers, you can explore the possibilities in an innovative, fresh new way.

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How We Differ?

See the whole picture.
What's happening beyond the horizon?

To succeed in business, it is important for us to have visibility in strategy and workforce planning. Finding a balance in what we focus is key. 

If we focus on just one spot, we might have missed the bigger picture; likewise when we see the whole picture, can we connect the dots? Are we missing the details? 

When I took this picture in the hot air balloon watching the sunrise, the moment just dawned on me: what's happening on the ground? How's the light reflecting upon the houses and the lakes? Watching the light changed every minute the sun was rising was intriguing. So instead of just taking the sunrise pictures at my eye-level, I looked down and took a wide angle shot.

Sometimes when we face constant changes and got overwhelmed, take a moment to check and reflect: what's happening beyond the surface?


It helps us to keep things in perspective, clear our lens and see the world differently. 

Larraine, Managing Director & Founder, Aug 2018


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