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Larraine Chang

Larraine Chang

Larraine is also the founder of Ascension Associates, a business strategy and human capital management consultancy that brings strategy implementation, talent acquisition and human capital management together. She was certified by Gallup in March 2019 as a Gallup certified Strengths Coach, IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership) as Level 2 Certified Executive Coach and Team Coach in 2020, helping her clients tap on their innate talents and unleash their potential.


Having worked in the executive search field for over 8 years, Larraine often sees the alignment gap between business strategy and talent acquisition, and this prompts her to set up Ascension Associates to solve business problems with a bigger dimension. She is leading the business development, marketing and international expansion, and continuing the mission to bridge the gap between strategy execution and organizational design.


Prior to Ascension Associates, Larraine was the Recruitment Director for the Insurance Desk at a Hong Kong recruitment start-up at the time of 2011, and Life Actuarial Consultant for one of the fastest growing financial services search firm Gravitas Recruitment Group Asia. 


A globe trotter who has studied and worked in Hong Kong, Calgary, London and California, Larraine is an avid reader, enjoys jazz, Impressionism art and practices yoga. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies. 

Walk The Talk

We strongly believe in walking the talk, if we are coaching others we have to be coachable too. Find out what it's like when we are on the other side.

In Video Interviews

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In Podcast Guesting

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