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Larraine Chang

Larraine Chang

Multi-faceted, dynamic, inquisitive.

You can find Larraine sharing her insights after executing search assignments on our youtube channel; working with young companies to expand their business or enable team collaboration with established brands through humorous and insightful workshops, and of course coaching C-Suite and senior people leaders.

Ever since she stepped on the stage and made the whole school laughed with her storytelling when she was 9, Larraine has been using her voice to express herself, and recently with Ascension Associates, helping others to find and listen to their voices through workshops, 1:1 sessions and articles.

Prior to founding Ascension Associates, Larraine was the Recruitment Director for the Insurance Desk at a Hong Kong recruitment start-up at the time of 2011, and Life Actuarial Consultant for one of the fastest growing financial services search firms Gravitas Recruitment Group Asia. 


A globe trotter who has studied and worked in Hong Kong, Calgary, London and California, Larraine is an avid reader, enjoys jazz, Impressionism art and practices yoga. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies. 

You can download official bio of Larraine here

Walk The Talk

We strongly believe in walking the talk, if we are coaching others we have to be coachable too. Find out what it's like when we are on the other side.

In Video Interviews

Watch Larraine's Interview With Strengths Africa on her own journey

Strengths Africa Interview With Ascension Associates
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