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Actionable Strategy,
High Performing Teams

Engage with us any time you need a reliable partner in facilitating actionable strategy: from upcoming service firms with less than 50 staff to large organizations with 500 team members. 


We have successfully conducted visioning workshops in change management projects, partnered with our clients in brainstorming sessions walking away with feasible solutions. 

On how we build high performing teams, feel free to visit other offerings under "For Organizations".

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Case Study:

Boosting Engagement Success at Musicians Foundation Summer Festival

Why We Got Called:

Musicians Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual Summer Festival to raise funds for supporting local musicians.


While past festivals had been well-attended, the leadership team wanted to take things to a new level in terms of audience engagement and fundraising success.

What We Did, and What Our Client Achieved

Within 2 hours, we challenged the team to


  • think in the shoes of the audience, and develop relevant ways to make the buying experience an easy breeze 

  • make the event a win-win for the bands, for the audience and for the hotel venue.

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Case Study:

Optimizing a Video Podcast Business with RH-Studio

Why We Got Called:

While the business was doing well, the co-founder wanted to take it to the next level by refining their marketing strategy and production process.

What We Did, and What Our Client Achieved

During the session, we helped the co-founder


  • analyze RH-Studio's target market in greater depth.

  • provided valuable recommendations for enhancing their video production technique, from aspects like wardrobe, makeup and posture that could increase client satisfaction.

How We Facilitate

Our professional and experienced facilitators will help you conduct a historical scan, identify blocks and barriers, form practical strategic direction with focused implementation, in a participatory way. 

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And Turn it Into Measurable Results

One of our well-received tools is OKRs (objective and key results), popularized by Google and Intel. It adapts well with Agile methodology, particularly helpful for aligning remote hybrid teams.

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