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My Executive Coach

Always be Ready to See the Sunrise

Want to become C-Suite ready? Ready to leave corporate and launch your own start-up? Transitioning to another industry or a new position? We all need to play to our strengths and manage our blind spots.

In order to win in today's world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, you have to make extra effort to sharpen your saw. Tell us your objectives, then schedule a time with us today to enable yourself to become a successful leader, in corporate or in your own start-up.

What Our Clients Say

How To Work With Us

Find the best option below and schedule a get acquainted call today here for further discussion.

We normally adopt a weekly or bi-weekly frequency for our engagement. Instead of creating different programs, we would start with a chemistry call to determine if the match and the timing is right for both of us. Afterwards we would decide how much time we need to spend together, normally it takes from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the needs and goals of the clients. 

You will be provided with individual access to our coaching client platform for coaching notes record, write up your own reflections, comments, homework, readings and videos that suits your own coaching needs.

You can also choose our Ascension Circle option, if you feel our structured content from our online school pillar 1 manage by design, not by default with coaching engagement fits your needs. 














Check out our online school with content subscription Ascension Circle here

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What It's Like To Work With Us?

Am I Ready To Be Coached?

Don't know what coaching is all about? Not sure whether you are coach-able or coaching is right for you right now?

Fear not, see which profile below suits you best and we can go from there. 

New To Coaching

I don't know what coaching is, and honestly don't know whether coaching is right for me right now.

What can executive coaches do for us?

Isn't coaching just like mentoring or another conversation?

Check out our slideshow below for insights videos and articles. 

Some Ideas...

I have read books about it, heard about others talked about it, but never been coached. 

Am I ready to be coached? 

Please take 5 minutes of your time and see if you are ready to be coached now!

I have been coached and
need a coach now

Fantastic. At Ascension Associates we are famous for being impatient, that means we can't wait to activate your coaching journey with us! Every athlete, leaders and performers know preparation is everything before we execute. 

Please take 10 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire before our complimentary chemistry session.

During any point watching our intro videos, taking our coaching readiness assessment or filling out the detailed intake questionnaire if you have any questions, or not sure how to answer, just come back to this page and click the button below. A schedule link will be prompted and we are more than happy to walk you through. 

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