See the sunrise.

At Ascension we do two things for people who are looking at a career move: getting themselves future-ready or as a search consultant managing the entire transition process

Signing a Contract

Always be Ready to See the Sunrise

To get ready for your next big move, you need to know yourself. In order to get the next top job in today's world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, you have to make extra effort to sharpen your saw. Tell us your objectives, then schedule a time with us today to enable yourself to become leader ready or C-level ready.

Find the best option below and schedule a get acquainted call today here for further discussion.
Don't see the options below? Let us know and see how can work this out together. 



60 Minutes Session 

Good for simple request like a quick sounding board session.

90 Minutes Session

Simple Strategizing Session with Action Steps. 



Real Impact

Personalized four in-depth sessions to address identified areas of focus. 


These can range from enhancing strengths while addressing opportunity areas to drawing up practical action plans. 

Assessment fees with debrief included


C-Suite Package

Highly personalized six months commitment to support your          C-Suite journey as

​your own sounding board

and your own executive coach. 

Good for senior management who need a long-term reliable partner.

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Outdoors Meeting

We will not only manage the whole career move process from the beginning till the end, but also utilise our thorough knowledge of market sectors helping our candidates make informed decisions about their choices.


​Talk to us today to find out how you can ascend together with us. Your information is held in the strictest confidence.

Business Meeting