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If you have a primary objective in mind for your company to achieve, Ascension Associates has the prowess to get you where you need to be. Using a scope of consultancy and advisory services, we collaborate closely with you to strategize your next move. Whether your goal is to streamline your operations processes or expand into an overseas market, we can take you there with smart strategy and expert planning.

Corporate Strategy Advisory


If you want to implement changes or take on a new endeavor, a strategic plan is of paramount importance for any business to succeed. By working with our advisory team, you’ll get a full suite of consultancy services to formulate a tailored solution with practical feasibility.

With our Thailand-based team, you can capitalize on opportunities you may not have previously thought possible. Using our personalized methods and a pragmatic, step-by-step process, you can empower your business to evolve on the back of a carefully formulated strategy.

Operational Process Review and Optimization

Maximizing operational effectiveness and efficiency drives better outcomes to your business. Working closely with your company, our team facilitates the comprehensive review of your organizational structure. We then design an optimization of your processes, operating closely in line with your specific requirements and needs to deliver the best results for you.

We assess all facets of your processes, providing in-depth insights as to how they can be improved in a meaningful way to your company. Using acute judgement, we use an extensive toolkit of verified methods to drive enhanced performance to your desired area within the company. With Ascension Associates’ branch, anything is possible.

If you have any enquiries regarding our services in Thailand, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team, using the details provided below. We will attend to your query shortly.



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