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 Talent Upskilling

The essential questions of “who do we have?”, and the burning question “are they equipped to do it?” become apparent and could cause a leadership gap if these questions are not answered.


Do your managers and leaders have the skills required for success?

—  Ascension Associates

Talent Upskilling

At Ascension Associates, we know people is one of your greatest assets.


In almost every  business success, three components are always present – talents that are available internally, skillful and knowledgeable team members, and teams that can work effectively together to achieve desirable results.

To sustain your competitive advantage by having skillful talent, who are ready to create the next success is of utmost value.

We will provide your leaders with the ability to:


  • Augment their existing skills set (especially managerial skills)

  • Enhance their communication and influencing skills

  • Implement a set of effective career  management actions

  • Lead with more agility and resilience


Clients can select a single 2- hours module, or have a customized learning plan with longer duration. The workshop can take place at your office or at an off-site venue of your choice. 


Our workshops are intended to provide an interactive environment  to create synergy and unity for all participants. Start with knowing yourself, managers as a subject matter expert, project manager and people manager will be equipped with knowledge and skills to influence outcomes, motivate project members and develop careers for their direct reports.

Some of our current signature workshops include:

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In addition to talent upskilling, we also offer the following management consulting practices: Business Strategy Advisory and Implementation, Organizational Development, and Talent Acquisition Design and Implementation.


To find out more information regarding our talent upskilling workshops and how we can help you, please feel free to contact our friendly team in Hong Kong and let’s get your teams future ready today.

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