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 Talent Acquisition Design 

& Implementation

When we acquire talents, it makes no sense if our mindset and methods remain the same, when business models are evolving and changing.

—  Ascension Associates

Talent Acquisition Design and Implementation

As business models evolve, adapt and change, so does the way products and solutions are distributed and the way customers pay us.


This is why we strongly believe that when acquiring talents, both our mindset and methods must adapt and transform to suit.


At Ascension Associates, we provide strategic and comprehensive talent acquisition design and implementation programs, which includes the development of employee value propositions. In addition, we also brand you as an employer of choice in order to help you hire in a strategic manner, while empowering you with an in-depth talent gap analysis and a competency review.


We break this down into four primary stages: Attract, Converse, Convert, Hire & Track. This specially designed four-step process enables us to assure that our advisory services are complemented by real results.


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We tailor this process to implement strategic talent acquisition for your individual company, whereby we work toward generating awareness and engaging potential talent prior, during and after they’re hired. Furthermore, we also work with clients in need of high-potential and general staff retention strategies.


Our dedicated team also offer the following consulting practices performed to perfection: Business Strategy Advisory and Implementation, and Organisational Design and Development.


As our motto states, let’s ascend together. We established our organisation with the main objective: to be a global business strategy and human capital consultancy, providing renowned strategy consulting, design and implementation services, along with talent identification and acquisition, including development and upskilling. Here, we also offer the following add-on services to enhance your business: learning and coaching workshops, executive search and market intelligence. Our fulfilment managers and delivering consultants can travel around the region to deliver workshops and consulting sessions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. 


For further information regarding our talent acquisition practice or to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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