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What We Do For Organizations

We enable our clients to frame obstacles into opportunities through our consulting services with our philosophy: that consulting must be watched with implementation. This is the strength of Ascension Associates. 

At the same time we empower our clients with visibility in their workforce planning, ensuring they have adaptable teams and leaders, through leadership coaching and structured training. We are the independent third party perspective, with thorough understanding of confidentiality in our work with you. 


Essentially we are building sustainable businesses together. 

Modern Office

Sustainability for us is...

it represents a mindset, an attitude towards how we treat people: from paying our suppliers on time with reasonable terms, to creating businesses with sustainable business model that enables them to approach selling and consumption without the fear of "when's the next buyer gonna come?".


Essentially it means one thing: is this regenerative or is this an one-off? Is our action and thinking today empower not just us, but others to stop consuming and selling in an one-off manner?

Organizational Development

In order for you to respond to technological and economic changes in an effective and flexible manner, it’s imperative for each company to have an organizational structure design. This comprises maintaining visibility throughout your short, mid and long-term people strategy and approach (e.g. workforce planning), which is intrinsically linked to how your organization is designed.


With the rapid adaptation of artificial intelligence and robotics automation, is your organization agile and nimble enough to embrace the change? 


Is there another way to help us develop organizations more effectively?

This is a holistic methodology, which provides a long-term view on candidate market engagement with your brand as an employer of choice, for when potential candidates become your employees, when they leave and for when they may return.  

An Employee Experience Journey





After Departure

What's your brand in market place?

Performance feedback & reviews

Career development

Stay in touch


When potential candidates become employees?

We explore industry standards and where your individual brand is situated. We’ll also explore your unique company structure design and the specific stages in which potential candidates become employees, followed by valuable performance feedback and reviews, career development and more.This is used to build you a robust talent capability and organizational design and development mechanism, in order to ensure you full visibility for both your internal and external talents.

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