Operations Process Review & Optimization 

Empowering employees to think outside the box has been on leaders’ mind for quite some time. Off-site meetings and think camps help, but if everyone gets dragged down by the same old processes our brainpower cannot be fully utilized

—  Ascension Associates

Operations Process Review and Optimization 

At Ascension Associates, our motto is simple - ascend together. We work hard to provide our clients with real results. We help our clients review their operation processes, while ultimately optimizing their operations’ overall effectiveness and productivity.


This practice ranges in commitment and scope, everywhere from a week-long analysis workshop to an A-to-Z process revamp and optimization. Here, some of the options we offer consist of:


  • A week-long discovery and analysis workshop on why and how to carry out a successful operation process review and optimization for your company in Hong Kong.


  • A review of your project from six to twelve weeks, followed by an in-depth revamp project.


  • A full-range process review and optimization project (delivered within a flexible timeframe depending on the size of your organization).


We strive to empower and encourage our employees to think outside the box, in order to enrich our clients with innovative and state-of-the-art industry solutions for company growth and refinement. Our professional team combine thorough expertise, renowned experience and an unwavering dedication to achieve real results you can feel.


We pride ourselves in the implementation and deliverance of innovative and fresh processes to situate you in the best position possible. At the heart of everything we do comes commitment, creativity and the expert competence required to equip you with the right foundations for success.


In addition to operational optimization, we also offer the following management consulting practices: Business Strategy Advisory and Implementation, Organizational Development, and Talent Acquisition Design and Implementation.


To find out more information regarding our operation process review and optimization practices and how we can help you, please feel free to contact our friendly team in Hong Kong at the provided contact details below and let’s optimize your operations today.